Kochi Tourist Places Kerala | Kerala Tour

Kochi Tourist Places Kerala | Kerala Tour

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Chances for new stream in vocational Education | VHSE

In Vocational education, if there is good change according to the tempo of demands of industries, there will  be good and new attraction  for Vocational Education. The idea of vocational education came from the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi have real relevance in the modern age. In every human beings there will be an inborn talents in according to the environment in which he is socialized or he is brought up. So during his studies, if got training enough according to his interests and talents, there will not be any problem for getting his life in a smooth track. Finding the interests and talents of a person while he is in learning and studying period is more important thing in Vocational Education. The experts and planning officials should identify the top most needs of our industry.  If a case study team can find some effective demands of type of professionals needed for the industries, they can simply develop their education patterns and change the study materials according to the industrial demands.

VHSE needs more improvements

VHSE must organize in service training conferences workshops meetings seminars and briefing sessions educational officers and authorities associated to VHSE. Core orientation training programmes and refresher courses must be conducted to the teachers and instructors. VHSE must develop networks with institutions engaged in Vocational Education and get proper supportive and collaborative roles to maximum gain in the VHSE pass outs.